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4DASOUL was established in 2015 with the intention of preserving the almost extinct art of handmade rugs through unique and contemporary designs.

Proudly, we continue to honor this millenary tradition by creating color filled fabrics in timeless designs that seek to highlight and give life to the spaces they inhabit.

We have different fibers, Uniquely Designed Wool Viscose Area Blend Rug for Sale color ranges and designs to achieve the ideal rug that each project deserves. To make Uniquely Designed Handmade Rugs for viscose area at Affordable Price. 

Our mission is to harmonize, provide warmth and that SOUL to your spaces with our ART AT YOUR FEET. 

Magic Hands Rugs


Our brand is a space to explore, create and build.

It has been and is a passionate journey of rediscovering talents and perpetuating customs.

We work with Handmade Rugs with Contemporary Design-Magnificent Jute Rugs with communities of weavers settled in different parts of the world, who achieve such special fabrics with their magic hands and energy. We also provide option of Design Your Own custom and Unique Designed Rug.

Each rug tells an unrepeatable story.


Choose Your Design From Our Collections


Choose your design from our Collections*

Choose The Colors, Fibers And Size.


Choose the colors, fibers and size.

Magic Hands Weave Rug Flaunts.


MAGIC HANDS will weave the rug that you will flaunt.

* We can personalize your design if necessary.

Colorful Geometric Abstract Area Rugs


Buy Our best New Zealand Wool Area Rugs. It's one of the whitest and cleanest natural fibres. It’s great smoothness and high-quality texture make it one of the most resistant fibers. It’s great smoothness and high-quality texture make it one of the most resistant fibers.


Buy Our very Attractive Viscose Area Rugs. They not have been made from high quality fabric but also available in all designs. It's a fiber with natural shine and smoothness, like that of silk. It proves to be quite versatile when it comes time to design. It’s the most elegant option.




It’s a material of vegetable origin also called "golden fibers" because of its golden appearance. It’s one of the most resistant natural fibers and has natural UV protection and is biodegradable, recyclable, and ecological. It provides a rustic and ethnical touch.


It's a synthetic fiber, produced from recycled PET plastic bottles, which as we all know, are a massively consumed product at a world scale. This is an excellent fiber for high traffic areas.



Geometrika Rugs for Sale

Ever since my first day of Architecture classes in the year 2000, I realized that my architectural soul was inmate and that I had pursued lines and geometric figures, forever. Since that moment on I have continued with this pursuit and the study of existing sacred geometries, present in nature as well as the most imposing buildings designed under classic architectural cannons.

From that inspiration, the playful geometric rug designs of this, both atemporal and modern collection are born.

Her travels captivated her foreign heart and exotic minds fascinated her. She had the soul of a gipsy and a vibrant hope in the unknown.

How not create a collection about those cities, with which their colors, smells, and flavors take away the breath of those who live them. That’s why I try to know a new city every year, one that makes my senses explode, and so begin the rug design process from that experience, and have them reflect the uniqueness of each place.


Outdoor Nomada Rugs


Organika Rugs for Sale

I was living too fast. So, I decided to look at nature and re-learn how to live, finding the balance between flora and fauna.

This collection is born from the romanticized relationship of human beings and nature: flowers, wings and much happiness are part of these designs, created to celebrate life through our rugs.

A nostalgic look at the Terrazo. Specifically the floor of my grandparents house that remains tattooed in my corneas.

This material is a fun mix of different colors and shapes of minerals, incrusted in monochromatic cement. It was very popular in the 80’s and was present in my childhood memories. I had to render homage to this architectural memory, with this limited-edition rug collection.



Handmade Terrazo Rugs
Care For Your Rug


It’s recommended to perform twice a month.

1- Shake and sweep:
Take the rug out in the open to shake it and let it lie in the sun after gently sweeping it to remove any dirtiness that may be incrusted within the fibers. Don’t forget to do this on both sides.

2- Vacuum:
Put a canvas on the floor and over it, the rug to be vacuumed. Do this on both sides. Make sure that the power of the vacuum cleaner be low.

3- Dry cleaning option:

If the rug is not too dirty, and just need to be renovated, use a dry shampoo specifically designed for wools. Sprinkle the dry shampoo for rugs over its surface, let it rest during the recommended time and then vacuum.


Innately creative since the 80’s in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Her childhood was spent between athletics and a strong influence from her design and decoration immersed mother. With this influence she made architecture her career since the year 2000. In her creative path she dedicated herself to both architectural and urban project design, and expanded her interests to include Design Marketplace type, event planning. Carried out in open spaces, planned by seasons, with fun and unique concepts. For ten years, these events strengthened the relationships of both artisans and producers with consumers from all over the country.

Those ten years were spiritually formative and led to the creation of 4DASOUL, when in march 2015 she decided her next rug would be designed by herself.

As an architect and yogi, she always understood the importance of how environments made us feel. How good mood is related to the colors, smells, textures, and elements we choose to surround us. The intention behind every rug is for it to provide the SOUL each space deserves.

That’s how she began her search and study of materials and qualified viewers that could portray the artistic and contemporary designs in her rugs. Her challenge became a mission: to preserve and perpetuate the culture of that which is hand-made, an almost extinct artform worldwide.

Each rug is created as a unique piece that provides the soul and warmth that each space needs. Each rug is personalized based on the necessity of each project through sustainable, high quality fibers.

In 2018, Alexa had her first rug exhibit, called Meraki, in her native Guayaquil. In the past years she has collaborated with Ecuadorian designers and since 2020 she has begun to produce rugs for the US and Europe markets.

Alexa Altgelt Bartolo